1. Malia @ Lady Konnyaku in XC Design by Janelle Abbott. Additional hands by Martha L.

  3. Tan, 2014

  4. A pirate in Burien (with Robert Mahoney).

    Kodak Portra 400

  5. Louise Logan styled by Sandra Tanzi.

  6. From today’s shoot.

  7. Great artist and all-round lovely person Esther Ervin. Shot at her Seattle studio.

  8. Test with Akari.

  9. From the Look Book: Janelle Abbott

  10. Smile like you mean it. Look Book: Janelle Abbott

  11. Unauthorized and preliminary. From the Look Book: Janelle Abbott

  12. Emma Joan as The Tardis

  13. Sadie

  14. Artistic Intervention, Seattle, WA. Paul Kuniholm Pauper in a paper car followed by Caroline, Svetlana and Mary in primary colors.

  15. Playing around with an old 6x6 camera and some Portra.